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Article One

Cafe Beau Soleil and Creperie - Newport Beach, CA : Spinach Omelette

Walking through Fashion Island there's the usual American type food places, but near Yard House and next to Daily Grill, there's this little cafe with blue checkered cloth covered tables. It looked quite adorable to me and very quaint. With a name like Cafe Beau Soleil...I figure ooh French food...why not?

Spinach Omelette with Organic Greens

All right, so as a vegetarian...I chose the omelette for its nutritional not quite French. However, I must say that I did enjoy my food. The flavor was very light. I'm sure many will say it's bland, but for me...after trying to eat healthier...I don't like food that's too salty or sweet (Although I still think I've got a pretty sweet tooth.) So for me the flavor was good...very very light. The portions were also good, just enough for one person and room for dessert if you want it. In my opinion, I'd rather have smaller portions of better quality food rather than large portions of greasy, overly flavored food to trick your brain into thinking it's good. With this light seasoning, you can taste the egg, tomato, cheese, spinach...etc. However, if you're not used to eating this way, you will definitely NOT like beware...everything has its target audience. After completely devouring this...I had room for dessert and didn't feel sick from any greasiness in my food. =) Two thumbs up!!