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Article Three

Newport Breakfast Dishes You’ll Want to Wake Up to in the Morning

Arguably, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Unique to all the other meals. A time for self, a time for serenity. Truly, I don’t believe breakfast gets the credit it deserves. It seems that so many people are clamoring to get to lunch and swooning over dinner, but I bet you can’t even recall if you did have your culinary wake up call. Breakfast around the globe takes many forms, and most countries stay true to simplicity. In the United States, however, our palates vary wildly during the early morning hours, from a cup of coffee to meals more serious than dinner.


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Out of all the things that could possibly impact your morning, breakfast shouldn’t be the thing weighing you down. Cafe Beau Soleil offers a selection of “feel good” fresh breakfast offerings to the visitors of Fashion Island. It is a very comfortable, relaxed feel, in such a prestigious international shopping destination, but it was meant to be welcoming. Crepes have seen a resurgence in the food world, and the talent at Cafe Beau Soleil keep that trend alive. The Parisian Farmer Crepe is an organic, buckwheat crepe, stuffed with Mary’s Organic Chicken, Spinach, Tomatoes, and Gruyere Cheese. This light take on a breakfast joint really speaks to the culture of the Newport Beach community.